Project Britannic 1997


Above the stern of the Britannic.

At 120m the fading rays of sunlight create this awesome deep blue colour.

During decompression stops,the divers use a rope to maintain their position.

Decompression stops are vital but they take a long time.Divers usually read laminated books as in this photo.

The expedition was delayed by heavy weather.Sometimes winds are so strong that block air and sea trasports for days.

In this photo another diver uses the scooter while examining the coral encrusted hull.

Photo taken from above the rudder.The portside propeller is clearly visible,in the darker foreground we can also see the central propeller.

(©1997 Dan Burton)

Part of a bench hidden under debris. (©1997 Dan Burton)

Magnificent distant view of Britannic's stern.Notice the huge dimensions of the structure,in comparison with the diver that swims over it.

(©1997 Dan Burton)

The greek flag was left by one of the greek divers (©1998 Graig Mossfeldt)

This plaque was also left on the wreck in memory of J.Cousteau(©1998 Nick Hope)


Photos 1-6:©1997 Project Britannic expedition.

The last two photos were taken by divers of the 1998 expedition.

Many thanks to Dan Burton for providing some of his great  photos.