2003 Britannic expedition

A panoramic view of the bay of St. Nicolo' on September 8, 2003. The Loyal Watcher (the ship of the 2003 diving expedition) can be seen on the right, returning from the wreck site. The main port is at Korissia (right). A small marina is also located at Vourkari (centre/left).

(Photo: Michail Michailakis)

The Loyal Watcher at Korissia (Kea) on September 8,2003. Once a Royal Navy tender, this vessel was the diving platform for the divers of the expedition. Back in 1916, many lifeboats from Britannic had arrived here and most of the wounded had received medical assistance on this quay.

(Photo: Michail  Michailakis)

The Loyal Watcher (the red dot) was an excellent reference point  in order to show the actual distance of the wreck from the coast of Kea. It's not surprising that Captain Bartlett didn't send any co-ordinates with the distress signal, since the bay of St. Nicolo'  (seen clearly in the photo) is a well-known landmark of the Kea channel.

(Photo: Michail Michailakis)




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(1) The divers of the 2003 Britannic expedition posing with the White Star flag .

(2) Team photo on deck .

(3) The bridge of the Loyal Watcher.




(7) The coast of Kea as seen from the wreck site.

(8) A diver explores the decks alongside the officers accommodation on the upper port side of the wreck aft of the bridge.

(9) A diver looks on at Britannic's portwing lamp on the very upper section of the wreck (depth approx 85m).

(10) An amazing discovery in Britannic's Marconi Room: The multiple tuner is still intact.

(11) A close view of the multiple tuner.

(12) Inside the firemen's tunnel (looking aft): the watertight door to Boiler Room #6 is wide open. Britannic lies on her starboard side.

(13) Remains of hospital beds are still visible in many areas of the ship.

(14) The firemen's spiral staircase.

(15) The flooring near the spiral staircase is well-preserved.

(16) Close view of rusticles near the spiral staircase.

(17) The cover of hatch No.1 on the forecastle is intact.


1-7: Simon Mills 8-9: Leigh Bishop, 1998 / 2003 expedition stills photographer (www.deepimage.co.uk) 10 -11: Zaid Al - Obaidi & Carl Spencer 12: Richard Stevenson & Carl Spencer 13: Carl Spencer 14-17: Kevin Pickering



Interview with team leader Carl Spencer