Fittings & Paneling

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Item 1

This is an architrave from the paneling of the Grand Staircase.

Item 1

A close view of the artwork on the front side.

Item 1

The back side gives the necessary information regarding the exact location of the item on the ship plus the number of the shipyard contract:1ST CLASS ENT BRIDGE DK ATR FORE END OF ELEVATOR 433 (ENT and ATR probably stand for "entrance" and "architrave".The number 433 identifies the ship as Britannic).

Item 2

This is another architrave from another area of the Grand Staircase.

Item 2

In this case the inscription on the back side reads:1ST CLASS ENT BRIDGE DK AFT END 433.

Item 3

Another beautiful piece of 1st class paneling . The back side was damaged and the White Star inscription is no longer visible. According to the previous owner the engraved inscription was: 1ST CLASS ENT BRIDGE INSIDE F AND A GIRDER STAR 433. (Gregoire Patrigot collection)

Wooden bureau

This item is owned by a villager of Kea and it was washed out on a beach some days after the sinking of the Britannic. Take notice that this is not confirmed because the item is not examined yet for identification markings on its rear side (photo courtesy of Matt Barett).

Oak dressing table

This item was intended for a first-class stateroom on the Britannic according to its markings. Photos from Olympic and Titanic also confirm this use. It was auctioned after the sinking (photo courtesy of Geoffrey Booth).


Photos of items 1&2  are  from eBay auctions that took place in 2002. Items 1,2,3 were first found at  "A1" bar  in Belfast. This bar  was bombed during the '70s and when the surviving wooden paneling  was removed for repairs it was found that it came from the Britannic. Several pieces were auctioned at eBay.


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