Cigarette tin (1915)

The tin is rusty but the lithograph is well conserved.

Inside the tin is written:"'White Star Line Triple Screw R.M.S. Britannic 50,000 Tons, Triple Screw R.M.S Olympic 46,359 Tons, Sails regularly in the Company's Mail and Passenger Service between Southampton-Cherbourg-Queenstown-New York (westbound), New York-Plymouth-Cherbourg-Southampton (eastbound)".

A match striker was placed on the bottom.

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Postcard 1 (front)

The front side shows the Britannic in hospital ship colours. For this reason the postcard is considered very rare. Experienced visitors will notice the poor accurancy of this drawing (the ship is more similar to the Olympic).

Postcard 1 (back)

On the back side we can see that the postcard was adressed to Mr and Mrs Garland and it was sent from Southampton on January 17,1916.

Postcard 2

A visual comparison between the builder's model of the first and the second Britannic (RMS version). Notice the gantry davits near the first funnel of the second Britannic, which are turned outwards in order to display how far from the ship's deck the lifeboats could be lowered. (Remco Hillen collection)

Postcard 3

A more realistic version of the Britannic as a hospital ship. In this case the artist assumed that all the gantry davits were installed.

Postcard 4

A colour painting of the RMS version. (Gregoire Patrigot collection)

Postcard 5

A colourized photo showing the ship during construction. (Gregoire Patrigot collection)

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