The ship

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1. Portside view at Moudros,Greece.

2. Docking at Southampton.Notice the ship's morgue near the stern.

3. At Moudros (October 3,1916).

4. One of the first pictures of the Britannic as a hospital ship.

5. Britannic at Moudros embarking wounded from the smaller hospital ship Galeka.

6. Screenshot from the documentary of the Discovery Channel.

7. HMHS Britannic arriving at Southampton.

8. Britannic docked at Southhampton. Olympic can also be seen in the background.

9. Partial view of Britannic at Southampton.

10. Britannic and Olympic at Southampton.Not a high quality image but quite rare.

11. Unpublished portside view of Britannic at Mudros.

12. Canvas cover deployed over the area aft of A-deck.

13. An unknown nurse pokes her head through one of Britannic's portholes (October 1916).

14. Unpublished photo of the Britannic. Location unknown.

15. Britannic at Moudros, loading wounded from a smaller hospital ship (October 1916).


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The interiors

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1. Photo taken inside F ward (used for lower ranks).

2. Sheila Macbeth poses with two fellow nurses on one of the ship's staircases.

3. Photo taken inside D ward (used for lower ranks).

4. The enclosed promenade on B deck was used as a hospital ward for the officers.


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