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List of documents about the Britannic


Greenwood Miss W  [87/33]

Photocopy of a ts. transcript (13pp) of an account covering her service in the QAIMNS at Dartford War Hospital, May-October1916, where she nursed mainly sick German prisoners and internees and in HMS BRITANNIC with details of her visits to Naples and of her rescue by HMS SCOURGE when her ship was torpedoed in the Mediterranean in November.

Miscellaneous 2324 [Misc  148 (2324)]

Soldier's Pay Book for Use on Active Service (AB 64) issued in December 1916 at Malta as a replacement to Nurse M E Turnbull after her original AB 64 was lost in the sinking of the hospital ship BRITANNIC in November 1916, together with an ms letter (1p, November 1916) from Greece announcing her safe arrival there, a telegram from Malta (December 1916) reporting her homeward journey as slow, a hand tinted photograph of the BRITANNIC, two copies of the Daily Mail (23 & 24 November 1916) and one copy of the Weekly Despatch (26 November 1916) reporting the sinking, a number of other newspaper cuttings, a painting of the hospital ship AQUITANIA and a postcard showing the hopital ship VALDIVIA.


Goodwin W A [Con Shelf]  


1 postcard and 16 ms letters, July 1915 - January 1916, written to his family whilst serving in the 1/11th Battalion London Regiment (162nd Brigade, 54th Division) during his voyage in the AQUITANIA to Lemnos, his service at Suvla Bay, Gallipoli (July - October 1915) until evacuated sick to the Red Cross Hospital in Giza, Egypt (November - Decmber 1915) and then his return in the hospital ship BRITANNIC to the 3rd Western General Hospital in Cardiff in January 1916, together with an ms (9pp) and ts (4pp) transcript of a diary giving brief daily details of his service, July - October 1915 including the attack on Kidney Hill (15 August), 6 ms letters (November 1915) to him from his family giving details of parcels and general war news, his certificates of disembodiment (AF Z21) and employment (AF Z18) on demobilization from the Labour Corps in March 1919, a printed card of thanks from the Regimental Paymaster of the Labour Corps and 4 photographs.


Anderson Lieutenant-Colonel H S   CMG [90/37/1]


Ts report (5pp), with one ms addition, submitted in December 1916 in his capacity as OC Troops in the hospital ship BRITANNIC at the time of her sinking in the Aegean on 21 November 1916 and principally describing the actions of the RAMC personnel on board the ship after she was mined and the rescue and treatment of the survivors by ships of the Royal Navy and Allied service establishments in Athens.


Atkinson R E [95/1/1]

Ts transcription (49pp) of a diary, April 1915 - May 1916, kept while serving as a regular soldier in the 29th Divisional Cyclist Company principally at Gallipoli, giving from his position behind the lines useful observations of the main stages of the campaign including the preparations in Egypt and Lemnos, the landing at Helles, the fighting there and his work on fatigue parties notably on 1 July building a platform on Gully Beach for an execution (April - August), his move to Suvla Bay for the battle on 21 August, the arrival of the Newfoundland Regiment and the onset of debilitating sickness which resulted in his evacuation (August - October), before giving an account of his hospitalisation in Cairo at the Citadel Hospital and an unnamed convalescent home (October - December), his return to Lemnos to embark in the hospital ship BRITANNIC, the fast voyage back to the United Kingdom and his treatment in Southwark Military Hospital in south London where he was operated on for varicose veins (January - May 1916), together with a photograph of him.


Bowles Miss A [79/31/1]

Ms diary (47pp) of her service as a nurse on the Balkan Front, October 1916 - May 1917, covering her voyage to Salonika in HMS BRITANNIC, the appalling conditions at 20th Stationary Hospital which were exacerbated in 1917 by frequent air raids, and the fire which nearly destroyed the hospital; together with ms copies of her early entries and a photograph of one of her boyfriends with his demobilisation account and certificate.

Garland Miss A [77/57/1]

Ts transcription of a short narrative and a 1916 diary describing her experiences as a VAD at a military hospital at Herne Bay, Kent, and then her three voyages in the hospital ship BRITANNIC, which was torpedoed and sunk in the Mediterranean in November 1916.


Moor Mrs E B [98/9/1]

  Excellent ts diary account (33pp) covering her service with the QAIMNS in Salonika, October 1916 - May 1917, and her voyage to Italy in November 1918, containing intelligent and detailed descriptions of her voyage out aboard the hospital ship BRITANNIC, arrival at the 43rd General Hospital and living conditions there, the problems of working in the Macedonian climate, her nursing duties, the constant air raids by German aircraft and precautions taken against them, and the stalemate against the Bulgars broken only by a disastrous British offensive in April 1917; together with 2 ts letters regarding her demobilisation in 1920, an ms chronology (1p) of her service, four photographs including an amusing one depicting some of her patients, and her identity discs and Salonika Reunion Association brooch.

Barber Miss E   

Ms diary (118pp) kept during her service as a Sister in the 2nd London VAD unit (23 September 1916 - 24 September 1917) and covering her passage on the hospital ship Britannic from Southampton to Mudros on the island of Lemnos and then on the Galeka, another hospital ship, to Malta and her service there at St George's Hospital, with descriptions of the outward voyage and her return across Europe by train, the layout and facilities on the Britannic and the Galeka, her impressions of Mudros harbour, the arrival in Malta of VAD survivors of the loss of the Britannic, (21 November 1916) sightseeing in Naples, in Malta and in Gozo. 


Many thanks to Archivist Amanda Mason for her help.