Rupert Brooke was born in Rugby, England, on Aug.3,1887. He became one of the most famous poets of the Great War, mainly thanks to this poem which expressed the romantic patriotism of a whole generation. Brooke didn't even make it to fight his first battle. During his transfer to Gallipoli got a blood infection and died onboard a hospital ship off the Greek island of Skyros on April 23,1915. His friends buried him in an olive groove he had admired on the island some days before his death.

His grave is still there. "A corner of a foreign field that is forever England"....

Photo of R.Brooke's memorial at Rugby (courtesy of Frank McCormick)

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Britannic memorials and graves



Location:  Pireaus naval and consular Cemetery (Drapetsona area).

Description: Four Britannic graves inside a fenced area with  other WW1 graves.

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Location:  British cemetery, Thessaloniki (Mikra area).

Description: Inside the cemetery there is a series of memorial plaques dedicated to those perished at sea while serving on various ships during WW1.

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Location: Tower Hill Memorial, London (on the south side of the pleasure garden of Trinity Square).

Description: A 1914-1918 memorial. The Memorial consists of a vaulted corridor 21.5 metres long, 7 metres wide and 7 to 10 metres high.

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Private memorials


United Kingdom

Description: A plaque honoring the memory of Captain John Cropper and his son Thomas Andrew Cropper can be found in the Parish Church of St. Stephen & St. Tathan.



Complete list of HMHS Britannic's victims


Simon Mills-"Britannic-The Last Titan"

 The Commonwealth War Graves Commission