Underwater Museum


Dr.Ballard's project

 After visiting Britannic's wreck in 1995,Dr.Robert Ballard had an impressive idea that may change the way we look at shipwrecks.Considerering that the wreckis in relatively shallow waters and it's very well preserved,he proposed the creation of a virtual underwater museum using sofisticated video cameras installed in key points inside the ship.The images would be transmitted in "real time" to a receiving station at Kea and then to the Internet.This way everyone would have access to the world's greatest sunken liner.The tecnology for this project already exists although it would be quite difficult to make it happen.

 There are certain problems that must be taken into consideration:

bulletPAYBACK OF THE INITIAL COSTS: The video equipment alone is really expensive and will also require qualified divers (and many dives) to install  it on the wreck.Then there is the receiving station at Kea (land,facilities,electronic equipment,tecnicians) and the maintenance of  the system (see below).Someone must pay for all this.Most possibly there will be created a pay-site or a non-profit organization.Will that be enough to cover the initial costs?
bulletMAINTENANCE: Electronics can fail in normal environment,immagine what can happen under tons of water.If there is a problem someone must dive down there to fix it.
bulletPUBLIC INTEREST: Would people pay to see the Britannic on the Inernet and maintain the facilities of the museum?Britannic was a great ship and in addition she  was Titanic's sistership.But Britannic will never be Titanic for a long list of reasons.Actually I don't think any ship -past or future- will  manage to replace her in our hearts.Great part of Britannic's magic lies on the fact that we know so little about her.If everyone can have access to the wreck -even virtual- what will happen?There'll be an initial enthousiasm but then interest will slowly start to decline.It's the law of the market.
bulletLONG-TERM DANGERS: Britannic won't last forever.Eventually will start to collapse like her famous sistership.What will happen to the video equipment is easy to immagine.