Updates (2007)

January, 2007 - A new HMHS Britannic painting created in 2004 by Stuart Williamson (after commision by Mark Chirnside in 2004) was added in the Gallery. [Gallery>Artwork]

- A recent research find of the webmaster may lead to the solution of the mystery regarding the final resting place of RAMC Sgt. William Sharpe, who died on the island of Kea shortly after the sinking of the Britannic. The new find when combined with a document discovered by Simon Mills (maritime historian and current owner of the wreck) leaves little doubts about the current location of the grave. The material was sent to the CWGC but this process will take quite some time, so don't expect more news about this case very soon.

June, 2007 - On November 21, 2006 the website of the Britannic Foundation went online for the first time. In brief,this organization will have direct control over all Britannic-related activities (including diving expeditions) in order to guarantee the preservation of the wreck and protect it from salvagers. The Foundation already has plans for the creation of a Conference center and a Britannic Museum on Kea. After many discussions with the Greek authorities it was agreed that permission to dive to the wreck will be given only through the Foundation. According to the British newspaper The Sunday Telegraph, the Greek government has also agreed to slightly divert the path of the shipping lane passing over the wreck site, in order to make things safer for the divers. A link to the Britannic Foundation website was added to the Research page. [Research]

-Two very nice digital plans of the Britannic (HMHS version) -created by Anthony Arundale- were added on the Gallery page. [Gallery>Artwork]

-All the paperwork related to the grave of RAMC Sgt. William Sharpe has been forwarded to the Ministry of Defence. We can only wait for the final decision.

-Added maps with the exact locations of the mine barriers laid by the U-73 during the patrol of late October 1916. [The Enigma]