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RMS Olympic

Used postcard of the Olympic at Southampton.

Postcard of the Olympic in one of her wartime colour schemes.

Unused postcard. This card was probably issued for advertising by the White Star Line and it is not rare to find.

Postcard of the HMS Hawke after the collision with the RMS Olympic.

Nice view of the bow in this unused postcard.

Original White Star Line brochure with many photos of the Olympic's interiors.

The RMS Olympic in the floating dry-dock at Southampton. Unused postcard.


RMS Titanic

Original postcard of the Titanic at Belfast (April 1st, 1912).


HMHS/RMS Britannic

Commemorative envelope taken to the wreck of the Britannic in the U.S nuclear submarine NR-1 during the 1995 expedition.

Signed by Dr. Robert Ballard, Ken Marschall and Eric Sauder.

Die-cast model made by Albatross.

Die-cast model made by Gilbow (HMHS version).

Die-cast model made by Gilbow (RMS version).

Rare first edition of "The last voyage of HMHS Britannic", written by the ship's chaplain Rev.John A. Fleming.

Original drawing of a patient, made on the ship by VAD nurse Lilian Lewes.

Original stereoview card showing Britannic's Builder's Model as presented during the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exhibition (San Francisco, USA).

Original postcard (Giant Card format) of a RMS Britannic painting made by Charles Dixon.

Original photo of the Britannic. Location unknown.

Unpublished photo of the Britannic at Moudros (October 1916).

Longitudinal section of RMS Britannic (bow) drawn by George Morrell.

Longitudinal section of RMS Britannic (stern) drawn by George Morrell.

Morten Jensen's 1/350 scale model of the wreck of the Britannic.

Original postcard of a -not accurate- drawing of the Britannic in hospital ship colours.



French postcard of the tender Nomadic, built to serve the Olympic-class ships at Cherbourg.


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