RMS Britannic:F-Deck

Pool Room

By Mark Chirnside


 It has to be admitted that the plain swimming baths on Olympic and Titanic could have been better. Thus, Britannic’s pool design was radically modified. Essentially the same size, the pool was tiled normally, fitted with steps like Olympic’s – although they look to have been grated to allow passengers’ feet a better grip. Panels adorned the walls with what looks to have been a marble design, wall lights fitted at comfortable intervals. Interesting handrail designs were combined with columns along the pool’s length, these also being fitted on the pool’s after wall, either side of the entrance door, which had a large-looking roman-numeral clock above it. The columns were moderate in their carving, but good-looking. The cubicle changing rooms were fitted like Olympic’s, although they look more elaborate and wall lights filled the panels between each entrance door. A gently-arched ceiling had a middle panel, simply carved, which housed three light fittings similar to those glass-beaded fittings in the higher grand staircase foyers, being wider, a little flatter in terms of their shape, and with four ‘strips’ of the bronze-coloured holder extending through the bowl into the central fitting. On the pool’s starboard side, the windows – perhaps using diffusion glass similar to that in the reception and dining saloon for the porthole lights, it appears – pierced the gentle arch of the ceiling. It was a considerable improvement over her sister-ships and Aquitania’s rather plainly-panelled pool, but it must be admitted that it was by no means as large as the German rival Imperator class’s baths."

Source: Shipbuilder


An artist's impression of the pool (from Shipbuilder)

A coloured version by Remco Hillen