Britannic memorial (Salonica,Greece)

The entrance to the British cemetery.The area is completely separated from the greek civilian cemetery.Access is free and visitors can leave their comments in a register and consult a catalog with the personal details of all the people buried in the cemetery along with the exact location of their grave.

Greece honours the allied soldiers and seamen who fought and died defending the country during WW1.

Inside the cemetery.Looking west we can see this giant gross.Near the monument we can find the plaque with the names of the RAMC men who lost their lives on the Britannic.

The memorial commemorates all those who died at sea onboard various ships and have no known grave.The plaque states that the Britannic hit a mine,despite the remaining doubts after the closing of the official inquiry over her loss.

The names of the 8 RAMC men of the Britannic can be seen here.Strangely, Sgt. W.Sharpe is also mentioned despite the fact that he was buried.

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All images: ©2001 Michail Michailakis collection